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Out of school care

Benison Day Nursery has an after school team led by Diane Hern who, along with Hazel and Hannah collect children from Eccleston, Belgrave and Overleigh primary schools. Our staff appreciate that the children have often had a hard day at school and aim for them to see our club as their second home.

A light tea is offered to all children each evening and consists of a choice of a warm option, sandwiches or wraps, and either yogurts or fromage frais, fresh fruit and a choice of milk or water.

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Our out of school opening times are between 3:00pm and 6:00pm and a Holiday Club is open between 7:30am and 6:00pm.

If you would like your children to join our after school club call us on 01244 676199 ext 4

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Children's activities

After school children have access to a secure garden area. The garden has a large range of outdoor equipment such as bats and balls, a goal, bean bags, hoops and skipping ropes. It is important for the children to be offered the opportunity to play outdoors each evening and enjoy physical activities with their friends. This helps to support children in having a healthy and positive approach towards physical exercise in a fun and safe environment.

Learn through play

We have a quiet room where children can chill out, have a chat with friends, read a book or start their homework. There is also a play room with a home corner, dolls house, cars, bricks, dressing up clothess, puzzles and games. Computers, printers and a range of age appropriate software are available for recreation or to aid with school work. An arts and crafts room also offers varied activities, should your child wish to take part.
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