Every Child Matters

Putting children first in Cheshire 

At Benison Day Nursery we believe that every child should receive the individual support they require to make the best possible start in life. 
Keeping children at the centre of our practice is our priority. 
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Enjoying and Achieving 

Our team at Benison Day Nursery provide a safe, happy and secure environment. Children are encouraged to meet their full potential with the support of caring staff who know them well and have their best interests at heart. 
Our priorities include:
  • Providing a healthy lifestyle
  • Providing a friendly, safe, stimulating and inclusive environment Providing a friendly, safe, comfortable and stimulating environment  
  • Developing a broad based curriculum where children learning through play 
  • Building strong relationships with families and our community 
  • Ensuring children’s safety and well being is of up most importance
  • Instilling a love of learning, self esteem, confidence and respect 
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Healthy food

Healthy Lifestyles

Food is freshly cooked on the nursery premises by our experienced cook Fran Ditchfield. The children love Fran's food and copies of her recipes are often included in our newsletters. This helps us encourage healthy eating among the children.

Meal and snack times are a social occasion and children have the opportunity to chat with each other and our staff. We also use these times as a way of supporting the children to make healthy choices, talk about where food comes from and experience different tastes from around the world.

We have developed our nursery gardens to include fruit, vegetable and herb plots. Children learn that plants need sunshine and water to grow and need to be cared for. They enjoy harvesting and tasting the food they have grown during snack and meal times.
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Enabling Environments 

At Benison Day Nursery, we believe children learn best when they are mentally or physically involved in learning. Finding things out for themselves and engaging in experiences that interest them for sustained periods of time. 

This involves providing children with an environment that is welcoming and interesting, with resources that are open-ended and accessible and time to become engaged and engrossed in play that interests them.

We are keen to learn about experiences you have shared at home or new interests that your children have become involved in so that we can support and extend their learning and development.

We believe that a rich and varied learning environment gives children the confidence to explore and learn in secure, safe and challenging indoor and outdoor spaces.
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Extracts from the OFSTED report (2nd February 2016)

The relationships between staff and children are exceptionally strong. Staff has an excellent knowledge of their needs and interests. Children behave extremely well because they are busy and engrossed in their play. The outdoor areas and woodland are well resourced and children investigate and explore the natural environment with relish, using real tools. They are supported extremely well with their transitions within the nursery and their move on to school. Staff are excellent role models and play alongside children to teach them to understand how to share and take turns. This helps children to develop strong friendships and a secure understanding of acceptable behaviour.

Staff are extremely well motivated and caring. They provide children with stability and structure in a superb and purposeful learning environment. All children are supported to make excellent progress. Teaching and learning is outstanding and often inspirational. Staff shows a real desire to do the very best for all children. Detailed and rigorous observations and assessments are completed to ensure that any need for early intervention can be identified and supported.
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Wonderful, caring and nurturing environment for my son to thrive in. I felt he was treated as an individual and encourage to flourish. I felt happy leaving him and knew he would be well cared for and treated with love and affection. Excellent communication. Now I see him at school it is evident the additional advantageous start he’s been given in life by Benison. 

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