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Interactive Forest School experiences in Cheshire

At Benison Day Nursery in Chester we offer children in Nursery Class, regular opportunities to  develop confidence through hands-on learning experiences in a
woodland environment. Contact us for more details. 

Meet The Team

Our Forest School sessions

Here at Benison all children attending our Nursery Class are given the opportunity to attend Forest School sessions. Each programme is based in our woodland and provides the children with the opportunity to learn through hands on experience in the outdoors. 

The children work in small groups where they have the opportunity to work as a team to explore and investigate,
whilst learning practical skills such as assessing risk, problem solving and negotiating. 

Our Forest School practitioners are skilled in developing sessions that extend the children's learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage, linking them to current themes within Nursery Class and supporting the children to develop a respect and love of nature.

What is a Forest School?
Forest School practice is an inspirational process that offers children and young people regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment.
There are several key aspects to Forest School that differentiate it from many other outdoor education activities. Although some of the individual features below are not unique to Forest School, when brought together they provide an experience for children that they would not get elsewhere. These defining features are important as they emphasise how and why Forest School is different in terms of its benefits for children.

These features can be describe as follows:
  • Outdoor programme completed in a woodland or wildlife setting
  • A high ratio of adults to pupils
  • Practical outdoor activities designed to develop children’s skills across the whole Early Years Foundation Curriculum (EYFS)
  • The freedom to explore using multiple senses
  • Regular contact with the outdoor environment for the children over a significant period of time.

Through planned programmes we aim to : 
  • Provide the opportunity for a wide selection of our children to take part in Forest School sessions.
  • To compliment the current nursery themes in an outdoor environment.
  • To enhance learning across the EYFS curriculum through first hand experiences.

Forest Schools is a place where:
  • Children are encouraged to establish there own rules regarding safety, risk and the care of the natural environment.
  • Children are observed to establish their initial interests.
  • Small manageable tasks are planned to help children develop their initial interests.
  • Adults can help children make things happen but the stimulus of learning comes from the children.
  • The natural woodland environment stimulates imagination, creativity and investigation.
Kids in garden
Kids in forest area
If you want your child to be a part of our Forest School Sessions, contact Benison Day Nursery in Chester on
01244 676 199
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