Partnership With Parents

An holistic approach to child development in
Chester, Cheshire 

At Benison Day Nursery, we recognise that parents are not only the most important people in their child’s life but also their first educators. We believe that for a child to reach their full potential we need to work in close partnership with their parents

Working within the Early Years Foundation Years Framework 

We believe that building strong relationships with parents and carers provides children with the best possible start. 
Our nursery works within the EYFS framework to ensure high quality education for all children, whether they are babies, toddlers or pre-school infants. 
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Building parent partnerships through:

  • Welcoming and valuing children and their families
  • Respecting and valuing the knowledge, skills and experience that parents have
  • Understanding parents' perspectives and adopting a non-judgmental approach
  • Finding the time to engage in a genuine dialogue with parents in order to reassure them and build trust
  • Encouraging parental involvement, informal drop-ins and chats
  • Sharing valuable information on child’s learning and development and their experiences and interests
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Working with the parents

  • During open evenings, events, displays and through newsletters
  • Using key worker systems which provides continuity and someone for the children and parents to really get to know
  • Working together with parents to support children when they first join us and during key transitions in their lives
  • Reflecting children’s home and community within our environment
  • Working with families to support young children and involving other professionals where additional experience and skills are required
  • Appreciating the importance of family to each child and recognising that there are a number of significant people to whom the child is attached, both adult and child

Extracts from the OFSTED report (2nd February 2016)

Partnerships with parents, other providers and professionals are outstanding. Staff engages extremely well with parents and the crucial role they play in their children's ongoing learning and development is valued immensely. 

Staff establishes  exemplary partnerships with parents, who describe in detail their complete satisfaction with the outstanding practice at the nursery. Staff provides a wealth of ideas for parents to continue children's learning at home. They use a range of excellent teaching strategies to promote children's communication and language skills.

Excellent links have been established with other early years professionals to support children's development. Links with other settings delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage and transition arrangements for the move to school are in place and are highly effective in order to ensure a complementary curriculum and continuity of learning and care. Well-established communication between all professionals involved with individual children is in place and very successfully promotes their learning, development and welfare.
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