Toddler Nursery in Cheshire

At Benison we offer a dedicated Toddler nursery for children aged between 2 and 3 Years. Young children are gently supported to develop their social communication and
physical skills through fun and exploration. 
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Meet The Team

  • Sally Parry
  • Toddler Nursery

    Our toddler nursery is led by Lyn Cooper. The team provide support to young children and help to develop their self-confidence and independence. This provides experiences and opportunities to encourage the children to believe in themselves, practice skills and develop care and understanding for each other.

    As toddlers learn and develop at great speeds, our staff promote communication, social skills and physical development in every child. With high expectations for all children, our team teaches positive behaviours and to respect each other.

    At our toddler nursery, we have a number of different rooms that are used for a wide variety of activities during the day. Take a look at pictures from the nursery or arrange a visit today! 
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    Mud game
    A baby drawing

     Enabling Environments 

    We have a wide range of new and exciting opportunities for toddlers to learn and develop by interacting with each other and exploring their environment. Toddlers' experiences include dressing up in role play areas, playing with paint, sand, play dough, clay and much more.

    Speaking and listening skills of the toddlers are developed through stories, rhymes, dance, drama, music and movement and singing. 

    Child initiated and adult led activities are well balanced to encourage your child to grow in confidence, make informed choices and develop independence.
    A laughing baby

    Outdoor activities 

    With a garden and outdoor play area, our staff offers outdoor learning sessions. With children's slides, a bike and scooter track, stepping stones and grassed areas help to develop children's physical skills.

    The covered pergola and shaded areas enables the children to enjoy activities such as sand, water, messy activities and art on a larger scale compared to the indoors. 

    Our pirate ship support children’s gross motor skills and also encourages their imagination through a range of role play opportunities. 
    Baby playing
    For more information on our range of toddler activities, contact Benison Day Nursery in Chester, Cheshire on
    01244 676 199
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